A body without hierarchies

I would have never been able to swim in your deepest holes if I would have been still attached to my memories of what “being close to your vagina” means…now you could do a barbecue in between my legs without provoking a fountain because we realized together that we can be something else we are supposed to be…I have discover we can be more that we are read for…I have discover my body can be just a skin extension, a continent…they will anyway read it, they will make us means…limiting our possibilities to exist as a something else… but we are just happening in this quotidian mix of discovers and recognition…we are just happening…”


In “Sex me not” 6 dancers had to touch and kiss to each other during 2 month of process. I did not wanted to create a porno piece based on sex. I chose sex as an evocative, universal and complex language and I applied its physicality and codes to bodies that were not involved with the meanings of it but just with the pure physical mechanisms of the event. I exposed to these bodies to a study about how to touch a body, how to share and transgress intimacy, how to surrender to the other.

While someone from the audience will read clearly some actions as “a man touching my breast fast” or “two bodies naked lying down, close and together” as erotic or romantic action, what I wanted to propose was that: by surrendering to the action with a total but simple physical commitment then the meaning of this action could transcend into something else, we will over come the first meaning of this action to propose something different. What I wanted to question was why some actions, behavior or situations, or why bodies and movements are just limited and justify only within one context.


During the process, while approaching some exercises, I used to repeat: “touch this body as if you did not know it, no hierarchies or differences in each part, differences due temperature or texture not because of meaning…a teat is soft as a piece of my right gluteus, in between my legs is warm as in my under arm”.

After two months sharing, accepting and overcoming smells, fluids, uncomfortable positions, nakedness and tiredness I discovered how bodies became more free, more able to look for the distortion of the established normality, more able to explore a new space for expression, sharing and mobility.