No real no fake



I conceive a performance as an accumulative show were all source of elements have the potentiality to be used to affect sensorial the spectator and to deconstruct his perceptive mechanism. But also as a kind of event where the theatre context is explored and overused to provoque an eruption of “The Real” which the audience is confronted with.

A way and a moment to question the line between what means to perform, what means representation, which kind of illusions do we need to accept to read information, which are the ethics and aesthetics in performative event?


I would like to stage the authentic, accepting the becoming, making visible what is censured and repress in the codified and systematize reality, where the boundaries between the different disciplines are almost not perceived and the line between what is real and what is behind a safe performativity is never clear and always uncomfortable ambiguous.


I use to wonder about the relation of the audience with art in general, the passivity of the perception. I would like to explore different ways to activate the role of the spectators. To propose “performances” as events where both audience and makers share the responsibility in its creation and in its perception.