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April 2017



Build is a step in the Aitana Cordero´s bigger research La Casa.

In this investigation she works around the ideas Building Houses/Destroying Theatres, strategies for togetherness, intimacy and the physicality of constructing.


'The challenge is not so much to invent space, even less to reinvent space, the challenge is to question space or, even simpler yet, to read it.' George Perec.


BUILD is a choreographic study; A never-ending construction project and a celebration of the unknown.

We build.
We build a physical and mental residence.
We build a physical and mental residence in which you can take care of me.
We build a physical and mental residence in which you can take care of me with the lights off.

In BUILD we construct. A space where we can live. A house. Our home.
Imagine this space as a body, a collective body, a space with rooms and stairs, a street, a city, a country, a world, a universe.
A universe in which our skin connects us and where our perception becomes a map.

Fuck you.
Follow. Me.
I don’t want to be seen.
But I definitely deserve it.
I would cook Spaghetti with avocadosaucetomatoeschampignonsonionsparmesancheeseandvegetarianchicken or sausagesinsalsaverde 

for you.
Reorder your fridge in ten different ways.
Your mother will hate me.
Please cook me a coconut soup with mushrooms.
Make 3 intimate pictures in your stairway
after cleaning it.
Follow me.
Fuck you.

Lets walk...



Build was an inspiring process Aitana Cordero´s bigger research La Casa.


In La Casa investigation she has worked with different collectives, in a conscious attempt of separation. 

Up till now she created La Casa (Ellos) with men, La Casa (with Johanna) with a special girl, Nest (La casa with kids) and Build (La casa Teen agers). 


La Casa is still in progress. 

Idea original

Aitana Cordero

in colaboration with

Carole van Ditzhuyzen

From & with

Nikki Ong, Liz Abels, Sterre Bolluijt, Mike Neeleman, Selin Akkulak, Renee Rijpstra, Martina Gunkel, Noufri Bachdim, Joost Zonneveld, Kim Zeevalk, Sophie Kerkhof, Lilly Bendl, Lara van Lookeren Campagne

Thanks to

Gemeente Utrecht, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie


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