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The probability of becoming, about influences, collaborations, carrots and potatoes.

October 2004


THE PROBABILITY OF BECOMING, about influences, contaminations, carrots and potatoes


Colaboration By Aitana Cordero and Viola Perra.


In this Project we explored, together with a  group of SNDO students, the differences between private and public space and the borders between individual experiences and group supports.

We played around and dealt with some questions:

How much do we own ours choices and where and when are others influencing us?

What we are?

Do we have an intrinsecal and individual reality/ essence way of being apart of all the external impulses and influences?

How to “erase” our history in order to get the authenticity?


We were looking for a new language without references, free of interpretations and kept on asking : What do are we without all our years and years of commitments to built this reality?

What about emptiness? …


We wanted to dance also.


Idea and Direction

Aitana Cordero and Violetta Perra


Ariadna Estalella, Chris Leuenberger, Erikk Mckenzie, Anna Birgitta Zetterqvist, Javier Murugarren and Sabrina Mazzuoli


Belén Ramirez