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The Sleeping Room

November 2009


The sleeping Room



Dear Audience,


After 4 weeks of constant traveling, working and performing, I arrived yesterday from Shanghai.


I did not sleep properly in the last 36 days. Not a single evening with more than four hours of conforting sleeping due continuous jet lags, work, productivity and overexcitement.


I love working but lately I am unable to differentiate work and rest, productivity and leisure, living and performing.

But "I need to rest, but I need to rest" mother keeps on telling to me.


I would like to explore if I could use a work to fulfill and assist my needs, being both productive and consequent with my artistic and personal interests.

I need to relax, I need to sleep and I still need to make a piece in these conditions.


I will "perform" my best while collapsing in front of you, dear audience, but please, help me relax and rest. 

Could we both do that? 

Could you please help me today?

Could you please assist my sleeping?


Thanks you very much.




The  Sleeping  Room

Aitana Cordero,1979, Spain


a tired choreographer and a very specific context



The sleeping room is the answer to Sonjaj Augart´s proposal to make a "reaction-piece" on the "Triple Bill" of Tender Fall Festival during the 20th and 21st of October.

It deals with these ideas:

A body that is slowed down, a body that can be perceived, stared and modified by the audience, a performer that is exposed and the sentence: 

 "if a performer is someone in a special situation, what is what we (audience) get when we watch somebody else in a special situation?”. 

The piece also tries to deal with how a real personal context can be imported to a teatrical situation. 

Concept, Choreography and sleeping

Aitana Cordero

Stage Design

Aitana Cordero in colaboration with Hugo Herrera Tobón

Graphics and Design

Hugo Herrera Tobón


Floortje Halters

Tender Fall

  • beautiful poster. Hugo Herrera