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Inhabiting my size I became a dune now I’m just following the anatomy of my choices

February 2004


Inhabiting my size I became a dune now I’m just following the anatomy of my choices


A try out instalation/durational performance exploring the idea How do I contruct my Identity?


A red long dark corridor. Voices, Tvs, video projections and smells.

Audience enters one by one.

For 5 hours a body moves. Almost hinden at the end. Then an encounter.



I am not the little window of the 4.08 door , I am not a piece of flesh, I am not unvulnerable, I am not a working process, I am not able to say rice in 7 different languages, I am not brother, I am not lesbian, I am not a knive inside of your throat, I am not a happy birthday present, I was not a tango couple dancing under the moon, I am not a map, I am not an opera singer, I am not your white underwear, I was never a french filosopher, I would not have waited for you one year without oral sex, I am not a japanish man in holidays, I am not a bus stop, I am not a waiting list, I am not a paprica, jam and mayonaise sandwich, I am not mister Elliot, I am not able to run for 24 hours, I have never been in prison to rape little childrens, I am not your best friend, I am not in the deaths list of the 11-M, I am not one of your heart beats, I am not the number 5347, I am not a grandmother kiss, I am not home, I am not a nigtht shop, I am not olivero girondo, I didn´t try to call you last night 35 times at your red and green dutch phone, I am not a corner, I would never have do it, I not somewhere of filipinas, I am not aware about my arms´s hair growning, I am not in your next five projects, I am not on time, I am not being studied, I am not the responsable of the blue eyes of your first daugther, I am not your stomach pain, I am not gin tonic without ice, I didn´t try to explote one of my international flight yet, I am not an antibiotic, I am not a long legs scandinavian girl, I didn´t kill john kenedy, I am not alone more than 6 times per week, I don´t hate mondays, I never was afraid of my mother´s choices, I am not in a turkish shop now, I am not who press the botton, I am not masturbating myself while I am taking a shower, I am not waiting for the Down Jones digesting process, I am not faster than your expectation, I was never 12 years old, I am not ready, I was not the main choice, I don´t have a harley davison shape, I will not fuck with madonna, I would never choose blue for my kitchen´s walls, I would never dance polinesish ritual movements with depeche mode first period music, I don´t use to start my movement from the feet, I prefer purism in general, I am not untouchable, I am not untochable, I desagree with the number of red lines of the EEUU´s flag, I don´t want to be a priest, I have never missed one irani boyfriend while I was lost inside a white stonian night, I don´t know how is the taste of the last grape before to vomiting, I am not handicap since i was borned, I didn´t fall in love with a horse, I don´t separate my clothes in colours when i make my laundry, I am not shooting, I am not a black and white movie, I am not a classical diagonal, I am not good in buildings trucks, I am not able to carry 4 bodies only with one of my arms, I didn´t get pregnant when i was 13, I don´t know how to use my little toes, I am not a container, I am not a skin extension, I am not the agreement of thousand of million of microorganism, I am not a good result of a clumsy sexual experience, I am not a bag of gluts, I didn´t decide my name.