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La Casa (con Johanna). The Duett

September 2016


They are two artists

28 years apart

They don’t know each other

They don’t speak the same language

They have different universes

They understand things differently


They have two weeks

They don’t want translators


Everything they do is an excuse to build a space of connection,

a place for communication

a language


They succeed

Sometimes not


They understand each other

Sometimes not


But they keep on trying

And let go.


They let it go.


An invitation from Mijke Harsem and Tanz Haus NRW Düsseldorf  to Aitana to create a Duo with Johanna, in one week, working together.


The result is an hilarious, intense, timeless and unpredictable “show”.  Where these two-artist dialogue in nonsense about future, universes, and possibilities to escape together.


La Casa (con Johanna) is a new step in the Aitana Cordero´s bigger research La Casa. 


In this investigation she works around the ideas Building Houses/Destroying Theatres, strategies for togetherness, intimacy and the physicality of constructing.

In La Casa. research  she has worked with different collectives, in a conscious attempt of separation. 


Up till now she created La Casa (Ellos) with men, La Casa (with Johanna) with a special girl, Nest (La Casa with kids) and Build (La Casa Teenagers). 


La Casa is still in progress. 

Idea and Direction

Aitana Cordero

in total collaboration with

Johanna Steffen

Produced and supported by

Tanz Haus NRW, Düsseldorf

Thanks to

Johanna Steffen, Mijke Harmsen, Johanna Steffen´s family and Fleur van den Berg