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Los Besos Tallinn

January 2016


Los Besos Tallinn.


A group of people tries very hard to master a situation. And she is asking for assistance. An invisible and shared “will” keeps them together. Desire is constantly destroyed. And she is oncemore asking for assistance. The group keeps on tasting togetherness. Playfulness, repetition and ongoingess seems to be their leitmotiv. 

And they kiss, yes they kiss


This work tries very hard to NOT be a romantic piece, neither an invitation for free sensuality or global enjoyment. But it fails. 

This piece is not interested in creating narratives of love and passion but rather in using recognizable elements, full of meanings and ethics, and changing their use or way of being perceived. But it fails.

A Group of people would like to erase the semiotics of a kiss, to overexpose it, burn it and use it until it changes its nature and protocols.

But, will they be able to remain cold and detached while sharing their time, effort and saliva? Is there, anyway, something more romantic than the unjustified and stubborn will of remaining together?

They all are wondering… and meanwhile they keep on kissing. Yes, they keep on kissing.


Los Besos is the result of a research about kisses, kissing and group agreements and dynamics.


It also investigates the sense of taste and the borders of tasting. Taste as mouths, oral and saliva. Tasting as how we experience and evaluate flavours, how we like or dislike things, how we judge and make selections.


Los Besos is also the next step of a personal and creative investigation from Aitana Cordero about body encounters, roles, the borders of intimacy and how to make these subjects relevant and “shareable” in a theatrical context. 


The project LOS BESOS, which started in 2008 in Nona KC (Mechelen) with the creation of

Three ways to master a kiss or a twentyfive minutes kiss at your neck, have been done since then in 7 different countries and with 7 different casts.

Always departing from the old piece, the same structure and (on purpose) repeating similar faces and strategies in the process of creation, this ongoing project has produced verysimilarverydiferent pieces.



This project is becoming an anthropological research on how people communicate, what is intimacy, and what can be shared.


A repertoire of Kisses. Un repertorio de Besos.

Idea, Choreography and Direction

Aitana Cordero


Alvaro Frutos, Kadri Noormets, Irene Hütsi, Giulia Franceschini, Keiu Virro, Doris Feldmaan, Jaak Sapas, Mihkel Ernits, Kalev Rajangu

Thanks to

Kadri Noormets, Festival Täis Null/Full Zero, Tallinna Kunstihoone


Sohvi Viik