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NEST, el Nido (La Casa Kids)

September 2017


We, as humans, are disconnected from the process of constructing the places where we live in. Animals, on the contrary, are , through a very physical process, the final responsible of the houses and places where they inhabit.

Nest, el Nido is a collective practise to generate an inhabitable place, is a game to find ways to be together, ways to become an important part in the process of building the homes where we live in. Nest is a choreography of objects and bodies that becomes a house, a corner, a shell, a bed, a toilet, a space for sharing.
In Nest there are not ages, not genders, not sizes. It is work and it moves, and changes, and breaks. Nest never stops. Nest is funny, is sad, is intimate and has secrets.
Nest is recycling, accumulation, the art of demolition, a recipe for alchemy, a constellation.


Nest. El Nido is a new step in the Aitana Cordero´s bigger research La Casa. 


In this investigation she works around the ideas Building Houses/Destroying Theatres, strategies for togetherness, intimacy and the physicality of constructing.

In La Casa. research  she has worked with different collectives, in a conscious attempt of separation. 


Up till now she created La Casa (Ellos) with men, La Casa (with Johanna) with a special girl, Nest (La Casa with kids) and Build (La Casa Teenagers). 


La Casa is still in progress. 

Original Idea and Direction

Aitana Cordero

Performed by

Annelinde van Rijkevorsel, Jet van Geenen, Rosa Damen and Jannic van den Broek

Produced by

PodiumBloos en Jeugdtheaterwerkplaats Ctrl-f and Live Art Festival La Breda


Frank Bouwkamp and Fleur van den Berg

  • workers

  • dancers

  • puente

  • together

  • gorro mejicano

  • I look at you and I smile

  • throw

  • conections

  • casa I wish

  • monumento

  • I break I build