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June 2008




A body alone on stage is looking for strategies that will motivate his actions. 

A body alone on stage is missing other bodies to interact with. 

Why do I move if I don’t have anything to touch? 

A body alone on stage is trying to fill an empty space and an empty time.

It is looking for an inner and subjective logic versus any universal truth and belief.


Destroying beauty as a constructive technique, erasing nostalgia as a defense mechanism.

How would you finish an end?

Departing from the disorder, claiming the confusion, collecting as a method…

Solo…? is a collaboration between fears, desires, inabilities, possibilities, doubts and curiosity…


SOLO…? could be a farewell ritual, a chaos theory, a tribute to promiscuity, a love letter, a farewell letter or an study for the dramaturgy of the irreversible.



How do you organize your fridge? 

Did you ever feel you hated love? 

Which is the most intimate thing you did today? 

Do you know how many people will be in your funeral? 

Would you be lesbian for me at less for 5 minutes? 

Do you think you are a good person? ? 

Have you ever feel in love with a horse, a computer or a waiter? 

Do you prefer penetration or clitoral stimulation? 

Do you have brothers or sisters? 

How many fingers do you use to write in your keyboard? 

Why do you move?









Concept and performance

Aitana Cordero


Felix Ritter

Video and emotional support

Tashi Iwaoka

Other advisers and “supporters”

Johan Reyniers, Jeroen Fabius, Eliza Steinbock and Ingrid Greijn.


Chaja Hertog, Rene Glorius, Luciano Pinna

The New York Times, US

by Clauda La Rocco

4 October 2010

Dance in Review

Book or Publication, (Country)


Moving as Thing: Choreographic Critiques of the Object

Pieter T´Jonck

  • Berlin

  • Berlin diagonal

  • dirty, of course

  • rehearsal

  • Rotterdam x 21

  • Listas

  • Treasure I found

  • She helped

  • NY

  • She is dangerous, he wrote, with love, I know.

  • Can you repeat the question?

  • Dancers

  • NY is hot, SOLO...? will be.