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February/March 2012



A work about exhaustion, unfulfilled desires, group dynamics and other disappointments. A piece that tries out to deconstruct pleasure and eroticism with older performers.


A: A sex poem dedicated to yourself, dedicated to me, dedicated to your grandfather.
B: Fuck me, spoon me, goodnight kiss me...
A: No, yes, yes.
B: How many bodies did you touch in the last 5 years?
C: I wonder how much lamb would be needed to make a soup in the Seine River.
A: How many bodies would you have liked to touch in the last 5 years?
B: Sexualize the word tuna…
C: Our bodies are surrendering to gravity.
A: Fuck you.


In SXTHMYS, I will a group of 5 mature performers will explore desire, intimacy, pleasure and eroticism. They will explore and share their bodies charged with years of memories and experiences, morals and conventions. They will sexualize and desexualize, show and live limitations, discoveries, resistance, Eros and Thanatos.

Idea and Direction

Aitana Cordero


Luc Boyer, Jan Taks, Barbara Duijfjes and Fleur van den Berg


Atila Németh


Nir Nadler and Pedro Matias

Produce by

Frascati Productions


Anna van Kooij


Orfee Schuijt

  • Talented Luc Boyer present. In and out

  • thinking and a hole

  • they think also

  • we think together, and yellow

  • Im beautiful and I know it

  • love

  • before the blonde guy

  • you know it

  • after torturing them I get closer

  • it looks horrible but actually was fun

  • I cook, I cock, I cook?

  • referencia1

  • referencia2

  • she is referencia 2

  • referencia 3