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AITANA CORDERO (ESP/NL, 1979) is a mover, a curious, a wonderer, a reader, a Gemini, a cook, a mother.

She is 37 but looks like 15, she writes in 3 languages, she would like to paint and climb but she doesn't, she faints in blood tests almost always but still fantasise, almost every year, with study medicine and become a doctor one day.

She trained many years dance and improvisation. She did Judo intensively in the past and has always been busy with martial arts.

In June 2006 she graduated in her Choreography studies at the SNDO (School for new dance development) in the University of Amsterdam and in June 2008 she finished the Master in Choreography and new technologies Dance‐Unlimited also in Amsterdam. 

Since 1999 she creates her own work like dance pieces, theaters plays, installations, performances, films, gastronomic proposals and "things" that have been presented in several cities in Europa, North America and Asia. She also collaborates and performs for others.

She also created works with and for kids and youngters. 

Since 2001 she combines her creations and artistic works with teaching in different universities and schools and lately she is a reflective company - a dramaturge in other´s makers work.

Some of the recurring interests in her works are the Body and how it can encounter other bodies, objects, building houses, intimacy, sex(n)uality, the physicality of violence and fighting, strategies of sharing and the exploration of the protocols of theatre. Other relevant interests that use to condition her processes are philosophy, cinema, literature, gender studies, painting and cooking.

Lately she is preparing a marathon, trying to be a pilot, she is back to study martial arts and is again afraid of electric storms.

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Luciano Pina



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