Preguntas a alguien que acabas de conocer

How do you choose your secret passwords?

What do you put in the walls of your living room?

Would you spend in clothes more than in food?

What do you always bring in your bag pockets?

How do you hold the hand of your partner?

Have you ever feel in love with a horse, a computer or a waiter?

Would you be lesbian for me just for 20 minutes?

Are you able to recognize openly your addiction to coca cola or nutela without feeling guilty?

Do you feel uncomfortable farting in front of other people?

Do you sleep with underwear?

How many books that you did not read are in your estanterias?

Do you still believe in true love, foreverness and destiny?

Do you change your clothes before cooking?

How many of your friends have a copy of the keys of your house?

How many fingers do you use to write in your keyboard?

Did you ever make your hands dirty with the rests of menstruation of a person you just knew for few hours?

Did you ever practice oral sex in a park on a Sunday morning?

Why do you move?