Define your self.

Tell me 5 things that you wished you had done today but you haven’t.

How much can you give me in 3 minutes?

Where do you find the balance?

How would you anulate your skin?

Tell me something that only you would have told me.

Ways of touching

Describe an accident and your own death.

Sex is...

What is dance? Where is dance?

What do you desire?

What gives you pleasure and joy?

Describe a body.

Make me feel

Make me think.

Tell me 4 of your limits

Exhaustion is…

Where are you special?

What would you never give to me?

10 body meetings

What do you need to say now?

Tell me 10 of your traditions and 5 of your biggest patterns

Be intense…

Be lost…

Be political…

Be crazy now

Uses of the saliva…

10 things you will never do with food?

what would you like to explore with group?

when do you have meaning?

When are you not performing?

A poem dedicated to you

Rules of and in the body

What is the more intimate thing would you share with the audience?

Now, make me cry, please…

Ask me 5 questions…

Over expose you in 10 sentences

Define how do the others see your self.

How many times do you eat per day?

What would you never eat or mix in food?

Different uses of food?

Create 10 images with food and bodies

What would you cook for me?

How would you cook and eat my body?

What ingredients are always in your eating?

How do you eat an egg?

How do you cut an avocado in pieces?

10 impossible things to do with food

A poem dedicated to me


Amsterdam 2003