Sex Questions 2

1. What is sex?

2. Define your sex

3. Define your sexuality

4. Define your sexual activity

5. A sex poem dedicated to yourself…

6. A sex poem dedicated to me

7. A sex poem dedicated to your grandfather

8. When are you empty of seduction?

9. Fuck me…

10. How would you annul your skin?

11. Create a third sex

12. A precise description of how I should touch you…

13. Choreography of sex (10 movements) (*)

14. What would you never gives to me…

15. Perform a kiss (maximum 10 minutes)(*)

16. The object of your desire

17. A place in your body not accessible

18. Be private…

19. How many bodies have you touch in the last 5 years

20, How many bodies would you have liked to touch in the last 5 years…

21. I want you visible now…

22. Types of sex…

23. Seduce me…

24. 10 body meetings

25. Make a picture of your body (*)

26. Rules of/in the body

27. Overexpose you (in 10 sentences)

28. Become touchable:

29. Rules of sex

30. Be moral

31. Rape one my concepts…

32. Ways of touching

33. Affect me... move me... touch me…

34. Have you ever fall in love with a horse, a computer, or a waitress?

35. Be sexy…be sensual… be sexual…

36. “ I want you to protect my body from the cool violence of rationality…”

37. Something not shareable

38. What kind of things would you like to experience with a group

39. 5 sexual actions to do with the right hand

40. Anatomy of pleasure

41. Say everything you have, can, want or need to say about sex (exhausting sex as a theme)

42. Make yourself desirable

43. What is perversion?

44. How would you tour an experience through your body?

45. Ask me a question.