Politics of the touch

I am not a soloist. I dot not use to work alone with my body. I always need other body in front to move. I love working with groups. I love bodies together. The language of touching fascinates me and it’s thousand of possibilities.

Maybe my 10 years in Judo are the responsible of this characteristic of my work.

It is always about touching (in the big sense of this word) or about bodies getting together, negotiating the borders of the sharing. I realize I justify the creation of physicality when it’s happening out of the encounter. My body get active because of other bodies. My physicality begin because the action of approaching or confronting other skin.

Touching is, in general, one of the physical elements of my processes and it is, in singular, one of the main themes of my work.



Touching is for me an event, a political gesture that negotiates transgression and understanding.

The skin as a meeting point, the realization of the impenetrable, touching is an experience of the encounter and to perceive a limit. Touching is both sharing and separation. Actual and potentiality.

Touching proposes a violation of critical distances inviting at one intimacy, tension and conflict.

As J.L. Nancy said,  “ touching one another, with their mutual weights, this is what make them bodies”.


How would I be able to touch deeply the audience, to cross this “skin” that resists, through a

Need of understanding and recognizing? How could I propose a space where to provoke the encounter, where I could negotiate my “need of penetration”, my ability to enter and passing through, to remain in their skins with their role based on resistances and on forgetfulness.