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Surviving to number 3

June 2007


Surviving to number 3


Manipulate me


Carry me

Articulate me

Space me

Justify my need of mooving with your strenth and comitment


Carry the whole responsability of my presence

Make me meaningfull,and meaningless

Present me as something I will not be able to cose


What you can do with me?

What could you do with my body if I World not put any resistente?

What World you build with my total pasiity?



I will not try to be

I will allow you to change me

I will allow you to break me

I will allow you to leave me


Deal with my weight

Be active for me

I just decide not deciding

I will enjoy loosing this time


Enjoyin external impulses


No victim no master


We are both now just hapening

Are we able to be two if I decide to disappear?

Be the one who will solve my current inhabilities

But You will have to come this time

Then I would give you my whole presence

Move me

I just decide i will trust you

I will not fight now

No victim no master

Surviving to number 3




What do you need of me?

How Would you destroy my body?

What do you want me to be?



Not in any past , no in any future…


I will not moove, not triggering you, not seducing you

Not waiting, fully alive and receptive ut holding my habits of reaction


Bring me where you want o brig me..i will not impose you my timing because I nned to understand what I World have done if you were have been right


And destroy me

I can not offer anything now



I decide needing you…

I decide asking you to give me




Minimalizing my reactions


Not choosing


Pasive but receptive

Pasive but demanding

Pasive but allert


Redefining roles



Asking you to destroy my body







“Manipulate me,

move me,

play me…

perform me.


Make me meaningful and meaningless…

We both, now, just happening


Deal with my weight and my surrender


Transform me

Affect me


I have just decided I will trust you


Minimizing my reactions

Redefining roles


No victim no master”




Aitana Cordero


Daniel Almgren, Anja Muller, Joao Guerreiro and Aitana Cordero

Light and stage design by

Jan Fedinger


Theo van Loon

Thanks to

Nicole, Katerina, Eliza, Jeroen, Jan, Anja, Joao and Daniel.

Catherine Somzé

Surviving to number 3