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November 2009



A performance with a bite

In the production SWEET, we see things that are not what they seem. SWEET can be understood as affectionate, soft and gentle, but in this production the word takes on a very different meaning. SWEET shows, in a highly effective and humorous manner, what happens if we become excessive.

In this production, choreographer Aitana Cordero really sets out to confront the audience. For SWEET, she immersed herself in the meaning and effects of sugar. We can taste and smell sweet, and it is a word that is often associated with children. Sugar is processed in many, many products. But in this production, Cordero shows images - using sweets - that are not sweet at all. The excessive use of sweets leads to disguises and a great deal of mess.

Idea and Direction

Aitana Cordero

in colaboration and performed by

Sara Manente and Jorge Dutor


Aitana Cordero in colaboration with Jorge Dutor


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