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The 3 Duets

June 2009


Duets II - Study for an encounter


A piece about roles, physicality, intimacy, violence and meanings. It explores available bodies, negotiation strategies, surrendering methods, trust and commitment.


During the piece a performer seems to be totally available and motionless and it is dragged, manipulated, moved and thrown around by other 3 performers than approaches it, one after the other, in a sort of “non real- non fake” ritual.

All the performers seem to enjoy their pre-established positions that soon will turn into more undefined and ambiguous.

They all wonder which are the limits of their bodies, what are they allowed to do, what would it be to go too far? What are they representing, experiencing or sharing?



A piece about an accessible body, surrendering, trusts and pain.

A study on intimacy, meanings and violence.


What does it mean to have the control? Who is the winner and who has lost? Can we redefine the roles, finding a grey area and generating new meanings? What is it to be intimate, violent and to "share each other"?

How to find a way and a moment to question the line between what means to perform and what means representation? Is "the real "possible or relevant on stage?


...and she sais:

“Manipulate me, 

move me,  

play me…

perform me.


Make me meaningful and meaningless…

We both, now, just happening


Deal with my weight and my surrender


Transform me

Affect me


I have just decided I will trust you


Minimizing my reactions

Redefining roles


No victim no master”


Direction and accesible body

Aitana Cordero

Manipulators, movers, co creators

Takashi Iwaoka, Tania Arias y Pedro Ines

Produce and support by

Frascati productions and In Transit Festival Berlin


Rene Glorius

Thanks to

André Lepecki and Silke Bake

Taz Plan

Astrid Hackel

Objekte und Gefühle