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Antonia SOSexit

November 2011


Antonia SOSexit


Work made in 4 weeks with 4 performers, 2 professional and two amateurs-younger, produced by Frascati theatre. A physical performance exploring the concept of hysteria and identity. A research on the physicality of screaming.


This work searches for which could it  be the iconography of a hysteric body.  Is hysteria visible in an individual? And what does it look like in a group? What is the power of the mass? Is possible to be a unique individual and still be part of a group?


How to question the unforgettable, the famous the hero, the Adonis, the mesias, the chosen. Who define our identity?  Antonia SOSexit is a contagious and energetic piece about dancing mania, humour, pain and extreme processes.



Antonia is Antonia, Antonia is beautiful, she is special, she is an Italian girl, she is from Melbourne, Japanese, she is dead, she is inside of a pregnant belly, she is chaotic, she is unique, she is an escaper, she is afraid of wind, Antonia is dangerous, Antonia always comes, Antonia is a pebble in your shoe, she is heterosexual on the weekends, she is addicted to TV series, she hates Sundays, she is 23, she is 47, she is 2 and a half years old, Antonia has two fire alarms under her bed , Antonia is wearing a red skirt, Antonia is alone, she is sexy, Antonia is a character, a person, a performer, Antonia is fucked up, Antonia is a play, an incident, an affair, Antonia is a sex machine, Antonia sleeps till 3 o’clock in the afternoon, she is not me but she could be you, Antonia has pains, Antonia is Rita Hayworth, Antonia will make you suffer, she is superstitious, Antonia has fucked Madonna, Antonia sings but she also cooks sweet sweets, Antonia is very aggressive, Antonia is a teacher, Antonia is new, Antonia is for you, Antonia has left, she is from NYC, she is a picture from Congo, Antonia knows how to dance rock’n’roll but she will never show you,

Antonia is the best kisser, Antonia is not born yet, Antonia wants to live in a zoo, Antonia survived a plane accident, Antonia thinks that Aitana is very attractive,

Antonia has climbed the Mount Everest, Antonia loooooves tuna, Antonia suffers hypochondria, Antonia is a gay marine, she is amazingly gorgeous, brilliant, magnificent, opulent, resplendent, stunning, superb, looooovely, Antonia is a black boy, she deeeeeeply loves her grandmother, Antonia will fuck you twice, Antonia did not appear yet, Antonia likes wasting people’s time,

Antonia will make you move, scream, and be hungry, Antonia don’t trust you, Antonia loves you, Antonia will avocado your carrot, Antonia will put her feet into your boots, Antonia is classical music and unable to open condoms, Antonia could be a witch a bitch or a Schnitzel,

Antonia cries rivers, Antonia is a liar and a lizard, Antonia is a song, she will be at your funeral, she knows how to build origami dinosaurs, Antonia is a mother, she will be your blood test, Antonia has a huuge penis, Antonia also has huuuuge tits, she is almost blonde and deeply dark, Antonia is this green sign, on top of the door ,with a little man running following an arrow, Antonia is your exit, Antonia will be in the main page of the Sunday newspaper, Antonia likes group sex, collective therapy and Tupperware reunions, Antonia plays poker, Antonia always looses while playing poker, Antonia is shy, Antonia is Antonio, but she is also Alejandra, Atlanta, Artemisa and Adonis, Antonia grows tomatoes, Antonia owns and island, she is a residential complex, a collection, Antonia does not shave her genitals, Antonia is a dancer when she dances, Antonia is totally stupid, Antonia has a Dutch accent, Antonia is an audience member, Antonia knows how to cut rabbits in three pieces, Antonia is unstoppable, Antonia drinks whisky, Antonia fist fucked an ice cubes bucket once or twice, Antonia uses mayonnaise as a shampoo, Antonia is a terrorist, Antonia is very much Antonia, Antonia will destroy a theater, Antonia had aids, Antonia is known by everybody, Antonia is a war, Antonia is also an award, Antonia is fuck you mother fucker, Antonia is yours, Antonia will be the main character of your coming dreams, Antonia jumps close to you, Antonia will save you, Antonia is a spasm, a symptom, she is an orgasm, Antonia will never leave you, she is more than one layer, Antonia is an experience, an event, a show, an episode, she is a rehearsal for a panic situation, Antonia is a party, a doctor, a secret, she tests every single product before anyone can make a commercial out of it, she will spread a lie, she was in love with Olivia Newton John, she is possessive, dominant and dyslexic, she is also forgotten, Antonia calls the police every Monday, she prefers organic chocolate


- Who are you not?
- What would you do for me (Aitana, the choreographer, the woman, the stranger, the Spanish, the projection of other people, your friend, your lover, your son, your daughter, your self...) write 24 sentences started by "I would ... for you" or "I would do for you..."
- How would you make 20 people running behind you on a crowded street?
- How would you create a panic situation during a performance in a theater?
- Which are the symptoms of hysteria?
- What will make you hysteric?
- How is your hysterical body?
- Why are you not Madonna?
- Why are you not Lady Gaga?
- Who would you like to be?
- When do you loose the control?
- How do you loose control?
- Describe Antonia Sosexit.
- What would it never be done in a performance?
- Write me a song with the title: "adore me, please, adore me"
- Describe a spasm.
- How would you create a claustrophobic performance?
- Differences between a hysterical man and a hysterical woman
- An impossible panic situation
- A sexy panic situation
- A forgotten panic situation
- What is a collective effervescence?
- A claustrophobic narration
- Describe types of smiles
- Describe types of silences
- Movements that a pregnant woman should not do
- Be emotional
- Be aggressive
- How could I become famous?
- Give 10 reasons to adore you.
- The biggest chaos
- A hysterical object
- 21 symptoms that you use to feel in your body
- How would you move the audience?
- How would you move physically the audience?
- What create a group?

Idea, Direction and Choreography

Aitana Cordero

Dancers, performers, Screamers

Ariadna Rubio Lleo

Keyna Nara

Ellen Deinum

Sarah Baalman


Produced by

Frascati Producties and Breaking Walls Festival