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Three ways to master a kiss or a twentyfiveminute kiss at your neck

March 2009


Three ways to Master a Kiss or a twentyfive minutes kiss at your neck


A group of people tries very hard to master a situation.

And she is asking for assistance.

They all are kissing as an excuse to be close to each other.

An invisible and shared “will” keeps them together.

Desire is constantly destroyed.

She is looking for a full commitment and trying not to have any emotional involvement, she is probably failing.

She keeps on asking for assistance.

The group keeps on tasting togetherness. Playfulness, repetition and ongoiness seams to be their leitmotiv.

This work tries very hard NOT to be a romantic piece, neither an invitation for free sensuality or global


But it fails.

It is not interested in creating narratives of love and passion but rather in using recognizable elements, full

of meanings and ethics, and changing their use or way of being perceived.

But it fails.


A Group of people would like to erase the semiotics of a kiss, to overexpose it, burned it and used it until it

changes its nature and protocols.

But, will they be able to remain cold and detached while sharing their time, effort and saliva?

Is there, anyway, something more romantic that the unjustified and stubborn will of remaining together?

They all are wondering…and meanwhile they keep on kissing.


Three ways to Master a Kiss or a twentyfive minutes kiss at your neck is the result of a research about kisses, kissing and group agreements.

It also investigates the sense Taste and the borders of tasting. Taste as mouths, oral and saliva.

Tasting as how we experience and evaluate flavours, how we like or dislike things, how we judge and make



Three ways to Master a Kiss or a twentyfive minutes kiss at your neckis also the next step of a personal and creative investigation about body encounters, roles, the borders of intimacy and how to make

these subjects relevant and “shareable” in a theatrical context.



Poetic kisses

Thousand of kisses, long kisses, soft kisses, stolen kisses,sold kisses, disgusting kisses, clumsy, empty, mechanical, wet kisses, too-wet kisses, accessory kisses, essential kisses, fadding kisses,red kisses,afternoon kisses, rounded kisses, floor kisses, full kisses, turned kisses, tilted kisses, piano kisses, murder kisses...your kiss, a kiss, a greeting kiss, a friend kiss, a grandma kiss, a baby kiss, a twentyfive minutes kiss at your neck, a goodnight kiss, a goodnight kiss giving by your mother, an economic kiss, a arquitectonic kiss, a kiss in the hand, an unknown kiss, a death kiss, an open kiss, an unrealized kiss, a swallowed kiss, an aggressive kiss, a sexual kiss, a sensual kiss, a sister´s kiss giving by your girlfriend, a two elbows kiss, a familiar kiss, an strange kiss, a "non-for-you" kiss, a hard kiss, a hardcore kiss, a six dregress of separation kiss, an exhausting kiss, a physical kiss, an invisible kiss,a profile kiss, a retired kiss, a forgotten kiss,...tender kisses, salty kisses, sweet kisses, secret kisses, anonymous kisses, new kisses, impossible kisses...

Idea and Direction

Aitana Cordero


Katy Hernan, Quim Bigas, Aleksandra Borys, Ines Lopez Carrasco, Jef Stevens, Peter Aers, Michiel Reynaert

Produced by

Kunstencentrum Nona Mechelen


Maya Wilsens

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